LITTLE ROCK —The House and Senate will complete another short work week with early sessions Thursday then adjourn until Monday.

Leaders of the two chambers announced Wednesday that neither would meet Friday.

Legislators also took last Friday off and did not meet Monday because of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

House Speaker Davy Carter, R-Cabot, told reporters Wednesday after the House session that not enough bills have passed out of committee in the session’s first two weeks to make a Friday meeting worthwhile.

"I think this happened last session too," he said. "It just takes time for the bills to start funneling through. I’d rather the members be able to be back with constituents than for them to have one bill on the House floor."

Sen. Paul Bookout, D-Jonesboro, who was Senate pro tem in the 88th General Assembly, noted there are 43 freshmen in the House and 15 new senators that are all still getting to know their surroundings.

"The session is like watching a train leaving the station," he said. "It just always starts out slower than you think it should and it ends picking up speed."