LITTLE ROCK — The Green Party’s nominee for the 1st District congressional seat in eastern Arkansas may be too young to serve, the secretary of state’s office said Wednesday.

The candidate, Jacob Holloway of Jonesboro, along with party officials, were notified of the problem and have a week to present information to resolve the issue, the secretary of state’s office said.

Holloway is 24 according to paperwork on file with the secretary of state’s office, and his next birthday is March 3.

The U.S. Constitution requires members of Congress be 25 when they are sworn in. The swearing in ceremony is in January.

Holloway could not be reached for comment Wednesday. Directory assistance in Jonesboro had no telephone listing for him.

Rebekah Kennedy, a member of the Green Party’s state executive committee and a candidate for the 3rd District congressional seat, said party officials were aware that Holloway was 24.

"This is not a surprise to us," she said, adding that "the secretary of state’s office does not determine the eligibility of congressional representatives to be seated, Congress makes that determination."

Kennedy said Green Party officials would present the secretary of state with examples of where Congress waited until a member turned 25 before he or she was sworn in.

"What they have done in the past, in these cases, is they have seated the congressman a few weeks later, or a few days later, however long it takes, after their birthday," she said.

Kennedy said party officials discussed Holloway’s age before he was nominated and knew it might be an issue.

Holloway faces Democrat Scott Ellington of Jonesboro and incumbent Rep. Rick Crawford, R-Jonesboro, in the Nov. 6 general election.