1. Protect Tyler Wilson

Tyler Wilson had to pick himself off the turf too many times in the Tulsa win. The Arkansas offensive line will face an even biggest test today, when Jadeveon Clowney and the Gamecocks take aim at the senior in hopes of disrupting the offense.

2. Steady Play From Linebackers

Freshmen Otha Peters and A.J. Turner will be in the spotlight as they man the linebacker positions for the Razorbacks today. Arkansas isnít expecting a miracle from the youngsters, but must get steady performances from both on the road.

3. Win Turnover Battle

Arkansas is still lagging behind in turnover margin at minus-11, which ranks 112th in the nation. The offense has been the biggest problem, committing an SEC-high 21 turnovers. The carelessness must end if Arkansas intends to beat the Gamecocks.

4. Stop The Run

Arkansas wonít see Marcus Lattimore after his season-ending injury, but remains wary of Connor Shaw, Kenny Miles and the rest of the Carolina ground game. The Hogs rank 24th in the NCAA in run defense and must continue the success today.

5. Win Second Quarter

Arkansas hasnít had many problems starting well, racing out to leads on numerous occasions. But the offense hits the skids in the second quarter, where the Hogs have been outscored 72-21 in five losses. Maintaining early success will be vital today.