Four quarterbacks vie for the back-up job behind Austin Allen, all with equal shot at the gig.

FAYETTEVILLE - Consider it open.

  The quarterback job immediately behind Austin Allen is currently unoccupied. Or it's occupied by four different players. Same thing, ultimately.   Arkansas offensive coordinator Dan Enos said the job was there for the taking and his boss, head coach Bret Bielema, said the same. Sophomore Rafe Peavey, redshirt freshmen Ty Storey and Ricky Town and freshman Cole Kelley all have a shot at being the top back-up behind Allen.   The next couple weeks, one of them will edge ahead.   "Those guys are kind of in a chokehold," Bielema said. "No one's really stepped forward out of that group. I would say no one's really fallen behind either. It's going to be some tough decisions here coming down the stretch."   None of the four have any college football experience. The working depth chart, as far as reps behind Allen, through the spring was Peavey, Storey, Town, in that order. Kelley wasn't on-campus yet during those practices, but his arm made him immediate candidate.   The three holdovers from last year's team each have different strengths and weaknesses. Peavey is the most athletic. He's nimble and can take off with the ball. Times in the spring he took off too much and too often. Storey is the thickest and looks the part of college quarterback. His arm, both in touch and strength, lag behind a bit. Town has been on-campus the shortest amount of time (Storey arrived in January of what would have been his senior year in high school), transferring from USC last summer. He is the most classic drop-back passer, but doesn't have a full grasp of the offense.   If Allen were to go down right now, Peavey would probably be the first one in. That's off the spring alone. The next two weeks will determine everything.   "We've got to put them in game situations. All the quarterbacks, really," Enos said.    Follow Eric on Twitter: @ericwbolin