The day after Arkansas' first scrimmage of fall camp, the team held its annual Fan Day inside Donald W. Reynolds Stadium. Fans were afforded an opportunity to meet players and coaches ahead of the 2017 season.

But lots of minds were still on Saturday. Most of the takeaways from the first scrimmage were positive. Ty Storey made his move to back-up quarterback. For now. Austin Cantrell is the No. 2 tight end. For now. The offensive line seems to growing some consistency. For now.

The catch with all of those items are their lifespan. Arkansas' first game of the season is just over three weeks away, so the need to turn “for nows” into concrete solutions is nearing. By next Saturday, when Arkansas likely has its second scrimmage of camp, anticipation should be to see more repeats of August 13, not more changes.

“I was really pleased,” Arkansas coach Bret Bielema said. “I thought our guys came out with the right attitude and the right energy. I thought they looked really crisp on both sides.”

And Bielema is the type to be (mostly) forthright in his evaluations. He's not been afraid in previous practices to say his team had a bad day. So his positive words Saturday made sense.

There were difficulties, too, even at the same place where positives could be taken.

Storey is barely the No. 2 right now. And he's a long way behind Austin Allen, who will be in his first year as a starter. Rafe Peavey could catch Storey. Cole Kelley could, too. Any of the three would only overtake Allen next year, if that. It feels like a position waiting for a player to exit.

Cantrell doesn't bring what Jeremy Sprinkle did as the No. 2 tight end. No one expects him to, of course, but the bodies at that spot opposite Sprinkle, who has taken over for Hunter Henry cleanly, will rotate in and out. It's conceivable five different tight ends all get some run this season. Three would be ideal. Maybe four. A grabbing-hold of a job among the back-ups would be helpful.

As consistent as the offensive line is becoming, it's just personnel-wise. And even then Jake Raulerson at right tackle is new. They were still outperformed by their defensive line teammates Saturday. Acceptable in some senses, considering the Arkansas defensive line is considered one of the best in the Southeastern Conference, if not the country. But also disappointing, considering some publicans (see: ESPN) have called Arkansas' offensive line a top 15 in the country, too.

Mostly, though, things were just as chipper Saturday as Sunday. It's clear things are being ironed out. The team, any team, will have holes to plug and issues to work out. But the direction is pointing where it should be after just over a week of fall camp. Sundays visitors noticed it, too.

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