LAVACA — Mark Headley is a leader of people.

Football coach, principal, baseball coach, volleyball coach, softball coach, husband, dad. He's all of these things.

After a four-year hiatus as the school's football coach, Headley will be calling plays again for the Golden Arrows this fall as the team attempts to find some of the magic Headley enjoyed during his first go-around as the team's coach.

Since 2012, the Golden Arrows have enjoyed just one winning season (6-5 in 2017).

But that's not to say there isn't a past. Between 2004-08, Lavaca won 45 games (45-15).

"I'm excited to be back over here on this side," Headley said. "I've been bouncing around the last four years doing some different stuff. My two passions are, first the kids, but really it's football and baseball."

Headley replaces Brian Schlinker (18-24) as the team's coach. Schlinker took an assistant football coaching position at Van Buren.

"To be back over here, and have the camaraderie of the guys, that's been the biggest thing I've enjoyed," Headley said. "Football is different than any other sport, just as far as the physicality and mental toughness."

Headley's first order of business is to strengthen the numbers — easier said than done and certainly not achievable in six weeks.

"We're going to be low in numbers this year," Headley said. "(But) I'm not focused on that, and I don't want the kids to be focused on that. It is what it is right now. We're going to have about 20 kids. But the 20 we have are good ones. We're going to hold them accountable and try and get disciplined. We've got some holes; we've got some young kids.

"With 20 kids, you're going to have some young kids that are going to have to step in and play."

Senior Kaw-Liga Brewer will take over as quarterback, Headley said.

"Last year he played a little receiver and a little running back for us," the coach said. "He's a good athlete, but he's still trying to learn how to command the huddle. But we think he's going to be our best option as far as getting back there and running the offense."

Brewer and sophomore Cazen Winters will play in the secondary, Headley said. David Johnson will split time at fullback and linebacker.

"With low numbers, you have to put them in their best position to help us," Headley said. "We're going to have some injuries, but one or two injuries, we're going to have get creative. The whole thing with coming back over here, we want to get it going again. I'm not saying it hasn't been. But at the same time, we want to get these kids accountable."

Lavaca's junior high numbers are good, Headley said.

"We've got around 30," he said. "Our ninth and 10th grade classes have good numbers, it's the upperclassmen where we're lacking."