FAYETTEVILLE - He was definitely Being Bret Bielema on Wednesday.

FAYETTEVILLE - He was definitely Being Bret Bielema on Wednesday.

Minutes before the Arkansas coach met with local media to discuss Arkansas’ 2016 recruiting class he was doing a nationally-televised interview in which he spoke about the way Ole Miss and Florida recruit.

"They’re doing things in recruiting that kind of shock you," Bielema said.

Many pundits took it as a dig against the Rebels and Gators and their particular tactics. Ole Miss, especially, has been a hot topic in such circles as some wonder aloud how a typically only-fair Ole Miss has come up with top 10 recruiting classes in recent years. Accordingly, when Bielema made his remarks, those same people engaged in transference.

Bielema tried to clear the air almost immediately when he took the podium Wednesday.

"It wasn’t in reference to anything other than that. I mean that wholeheartedly with honesty," Bielema said. "When I said that earlier I was paying a compliment to Florida. I called (Florida coach Jim McElwain) and told him that as well as (Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze) and that was received well. So I will put that little nugget to bed."

Florida coach Jim McElwain did not seem to take kindly the words either and responded to Bielema’s interview at the Gators signing day press conference.

"Got to get a kick out of it a little bit because obviously this guy doesn’t know who the heck I am," McElwain said. "I sure as heck don’t know who he is. I’m not sure we even ran into him on the recruiting trail. But I know what I"m all about and I know what the university of Florida is all about."

McElwain’s response came after Bielema said he spoke to the coach on the phone to clarify.

Bielema made one thing crystal clear before he left Wednesday’s presser.

"I won’t compliment anybody in the future as we move forward."

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